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  • 10 Most mysterious places on earth, educational
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    Hi this is an educational video about 10 most mystery places on earth. You might the first thing remember after hearing this title is Bermuda pyramid but there are many other places on earth which still their mystery are not solved. There is a place in Turkey which, there are many templates which archeologists still cannot find out the mystery of them, here are some pillars and curving of real or imaginary animal but they do not know what kind. It is called Gobekeli Tepe. The other pace is Baltic Sea which a group of treasure hunter in 2011 saw an object but still it is not known that what it was?
  • Title - Space weather conditions Report From White House
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    In the same way that there is climate on Earth, there is climate in space. Furthermore however we can't straight see or feel it when we go outside, it has the potential effect our everyday lives. "Space weather" begins at the Sun, can discharge what might as well be called 100 storms in not more than minutes, and can process wind blasts that surpass one million mph. Each 11 years, the Sun experiences a time of increased action called the "sun powered greatest"—a period that is happening at this time that can carry particularly influential sunlight based emissions and heave vigorous particles into space, once in a while to the Earth. In spite of the fact that the probability that the aforementioned sun based storms will thrust particles in our planet's general course is exceptionally level when they do, they can harm satellites, hurt space travelers in space, make GPs informative content flighty or undependable, and in a few cases even cause power outages on the Earth. That is the reason the Federal Government works to keep up an extensive of advanced instruments on the ground and in space, which gather information on space climate phenomena regurgitating particles outward from the Sun. What's more, that is the reason today, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy discharged another report, Space Weather Observing Systems: Current Capabilities and Requirements for the Next Decade—an appraisal of our Nation's ability to screen and gauge possibly unsafe space climate pointed at guaranteeing the aforementioned basic capacities press on to be underpinned and administered. The report discovers that Federal organizations have conveyed a successful blend of space-based and ground-based frameworks that are demanded to back both operational space-climate administrations and logical examination. The report additionally highlights the part of space climate model in supplementing current space-and ground-based watching frameworks. Such models could be utilized by researchers to foresee how updates in the Sun, and the coming about space climate, might affect innovation on Earth and in space.