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  • How to make money online from home?
    By: jeniffer_kucher
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    Hi, by advances in science and technology new kind of world, job are created and this allow people to have different kinds of job than before. One of the most important thing affect the job is internet. It caused new job to be created and enabled people to work from home. Big companies want to advertise their product in a place where have lot of viewers everyday and internet is a good place for that. So that many sites are making money by advertising big companies product and if you join these big sites you can also make money both by advertising or by working as a dealer.
  • Area of Irregular Polygons, matheemathics
    By: Victor_Brown
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    Hi, mathematics are very joyful science but it is hard it need practicing and over practicing to overcome many different problems, but practicing is not enough, although it is necessary, because it needs talent and intelligence. Well, this video will teach you how to find the area of irregular polygon. Finding the areas of regular polygons are not very difficult and can be calculated in a simple way but you might have problem finding the areas of a irregular polygon so that I hope this video helps you. Let's watch he video to see how to find areas of irregular polygons.
  • What really motivates us?
    By: articleA
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    This RSA video is about what really motivates us. As you know the reward will encourage us for doing the habit and punish will discourage us. Does it always work? The scientists searched about it, with group of students by giving reward to them according their performance of different kind of activities, physically and logic, the result was in the physical tasks the more pay(reward) better performance but for rudimentary tasks more pay=weak performance because when you do well the need of rudimentary does not satisfy.
  • JaVale McGee and his incredible double dunking
    By: AhnafMustakin
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    This is an interactive video analysis by ESPN sports science of the incredible ability of JaVale McGee to dunk a second basketball on an adjoining basket within seconds after the first basketball was dunk in the first basket. In depth analysis of the width of his wingspan (the length of his outreached hand from tip to tip) to his eye visuals and muscle capabilities were explained. His brain’s ability to respond with the stimulus his eyes perceive was also explained. The incredible way McGee contradicted every human’s established characteristics with all his innate abilities never ceases to amaze sports followers.