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  • Ancient Roman clothing and fashion, educational
    By: alex_ferra
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    Hi, clothing base on the different regions of the world were much different in the past and it was adopted to the weather and believes and culture of the people. So that clothing was a part of their culture. Specially the countries which are older than others have more interesting history and culture. One of the oldest countries in the world is Rome and it had its special kind of clothing. Here in this video we will give you some information about ancient roman clothing and fashion in the form of photo story. Let's watch the video learn more about ancient roman clothing and fashion.
  • Lumia1020, Nokia new camera
    By: articleA
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    This is a video that show you new Camera of Nokia, Lumia 1020, and then introducing it capabilities. It is a full HD camera and it has a high resolution, if you know what are you doing with it and if moving when making picture it will be pretty cool. It can save images in two different options, one five mega pixel, this mass will allow you to upload and share your image faster, and two other are 34 and 38 mega pixel with a really high resolution that while zooming it will stay in high quality. It's screen is a little larger than average.