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  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Brazil
    By: Leonardo
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    Brazilian Geese acting as security guards and dolphins helping fisherman to catch fish! Whatever next? Find out here! 10. Prisoners can cut a day of jail time for every 3 spent knitting for a fashion house. Another prison uses geese as security guards who squawk at unusual movements. 9. In 1959 cacareco the rhinoceros won Sao Paulo’s election for city council. In 1996 a goat leading opinion polls to be Pilar’s mayor died in suspicious circumstances.
  • Visiting Rodeo Drive
    By: ARVC
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    Shopping opportunities abound in Los Angeles but Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world. From private boutiques to big name designer stores Rodeo Drive has everything you could want in high fashion and luxury, all contained in just a few blocks. Even if the stores on Rodeo Drive are out of your price range, it's still likely to be the best window shopping you'll ever do. Most shop owners won't mind if you only want to look; they're used to it. Rodeo Drive is also a fantastic place for people watching; keep your eyes peeled for celebrities and get a window into the lives of the rich and famous!
  • How to Model in NY, Paris or Milan
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    The process of becoming a model in a major market is usually an evolving one. Every single story is different. Every single person's experience is different, so I can speak of what generally happens. Those markets are constantly scouting, constantly looking, constantly every season they like to have new people they introduce to designers and casting directors for the fashion season. That's usually the best time for fashion models to get started.
  • How to Avoid Modeling Scams
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    The modeling business has a lot of scams and I think that you have to be careful. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. Learn about the business that you want to be in. We live in an age where information about specific models, you have access to... .
  • How to Get a Modeling Agent
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    The first step of actually finding out what an agency is, what an agency does, any agent in any city looks at pictures of kids who want to be a model who have never been a model before. Anyone will look at your picture. All they're asking for is for you to send your height, your measurements, your shoe size, your age, your hair color, maybe a little bit about yourself and some digitals. That's really the first requirement.
  • How to Smile in Modeling Photos
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    Britt Bergmeister: And I'm Britt Bergmeister. For modeling, it's not always about the serious look. You get a lot of commercial jobs where you have to smile. So, for me, one tip that my mom actually gave is to laugh. Because that will come across as genuine and you'll tell from the picture that you're connecting and you're giving a real, genuine laugh. It's important to practice in front of the mirror. I have a very gummy smile and so, I have to practice dropping my lip down and not giving as much teeth as I would with my friends if I'm telling a joke.
  • Biggest Modelling Headshot Mistakes
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    nobody wants to see crazy, big hair. Nobody wants to see way too much makeup. I don't want to see a red lip. If the one thing I see in the picture is not you, then you've gone down the wrong road. If I look at the picture and all I see is bright red lipstick, then I missed you. I didn't see you, and I'm going to remember the picture for the bright red lipstick, and that's all I'm going to remember. And the same goes with the hair, bows in the hair, things in the hair. Never, in my opinion, in my experience, never look like you're trying too hard. Don't try too hard. Don't try too hard in the pictures.
  • Model Headshots vs. Actor Headshots
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    Every model needs a good head shot. It's the beginning. It's the first thing that clients see in your book usually. It's the first thing that clients see in your composite card. A good head shot, you want something that's striking, that's going to get someone's attention.
  • How to Take a Good Headshot for Modeling
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    I think that every model in the business needs a good head shot. In fashion, we don't really differentiate the photographer, whether it's a head shot photographer or not. They kind of do everything, and so they're kind of doing fashion shoots and they're doing head shots. You don't necessarily always go specifically to a photo shoot just to get a head shot. But if you don't ever have a good head shot out of your tests, then you could very easily be just going for a test because you need a good head shot.
  • Putting Together a Modeling Portfolio
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    Spring for the price of a professional photographer. Call a modeling agency you are targeting and ask for references and contact numbers of shooters with whom they normally work. Have you hair and makeup done at a salon before your photo shoot. Have the photo shoot. Once you get the proofs back from the photographer, pick a variety, including full body, profile, and head shots. Vary the backgrounds and outfits to avoid giving the impression you were in one location with a limited wardrobe.
  • Basic Weight & Height Requirements for Modeling
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    The first thing that you know is that models are tall and skinny. So, the first question is, "How tall and how skinny do I have to be?" And the answer is, depending upon the type of modeling that you're doing, height is important and being skinny, in good shape and healthy are important. No one in the business that is a legitimate agent is going to tell you to starve yourself, but if you photographically, on film, don't look good, then that's something that needs to be talked about. Maybe you need to lose 5 pounds. Maybe you're retaining salt.
  • What Is Spice aka Synthetic Marijuana?
    By: jacksmith
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    spice is a type of herbal product that was popularized in Europe in the late 90's or early 2000's. Essentially because of marijuana or cannabis is so interesting from a pharmacological standpoint, all these laboratories started developing compounds that could mimic the effects of the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis or marijuana. And essentially they need to get stronger and stronger potency ones to bind to the receptors in stronger and stronger fashion to do tests and studies in a more accelerated fashion... .
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