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  • Tips on saving money
    By: ARVC
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    Few tips on how to save more money. If you are making your leaving and you have to manage your budget then this video might help you a lot.
  • AKG K67 DJ Headphones reviewed
    By: AhnafMustakin
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    There are a lot of headsets nowadays with different styles and details. Along with this is the headphone from AKG, the K67 Tiesto. Its feature involves foldable type speakers with great sounds. You would find comfortable bass output with its speakers. It also has a good size and of course a good price for budget compromise between quality and performance. It also appears to have a segmented head band which enables you to fold it twice as its original size. Only this headset does not have twisted speakers which may not be good to travelling Dj, but you can fit it inside your pocket. Watch for the full review on this K67 Tiesto if you want to add one into your collection
  • Why do not we taxidermy human? Vsauce
    By: articleA
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    This is Vsauce informational scientific educational video. Many people during the history died many on earth, about 12 people walked on the moon while about 300 buried out of the earth on the space. In the past by a certain budget people could send their ashes to the space by rockets gone to the space and deposit the ashes. But in these plenty of ashes after life why do not we taxidermy. What if I request to taxidermy in a form like hi five so that people can meet you this way for ever. For taxidermy actually they recreate the body and it is hard.
  • How to travel cheap?
    By: articleA
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    This is a tutorial video that give you some advices to have a cheap travel. It is necessary to be patient and have a relax attitude in front of the problems. If you do not have lot of cash it does not means you cannot see the world. It is optional to buy a travel budget guidebook. You can call hotel by yourself directly for getting cheaper rooms. If you are going to a popular city you can arrange with someone to swap a room with other one. You can use cheaper ticket at the time you are deciding for choosing where to buy ticket.
  • How to Conduct a Cocktail Party
    By: Forumposting
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    Cocktail parties required many key ingredients like other parties. It is social gathering where drink, food and conversation can be found. The best of making a cocktail party success is to plan by creating a check list. This list includes the everyone you are invite, everything that you need, budget and purchase. Once you make the checklist, write down the name of the people you want to invite. At cocktail party it is always good to limit the amount of people.
  • Project Management
    By: poorya
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    What is the project management? Why is it so important? How it becomes possible to manage a project? Those are some important questions that must be answered to clearly understand the project management concept. In general, the project management is comprised of a particular set of knowledge, tools, skills and techniques to appropriately manage a project in order to meet the specific requirements have been consider for implementing the project. Besides, it is quite fundamental to manage the budget of implementing to make sure about the available resources that will contribute in doing the project.
  • Vin Diesel

    Vin Diesel

    By: Aika
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    Mark Sinclair Vincent or how we know him as well Vin Diesel was born on 18th of July, in 1967, in New York City. He grew up in middle class of family where his mother was astrologist and psychologist; his father who is not for him as biological father was theatre teacher. He never knew his biological father, because when his mother was pregnant he left family. He has also two older sisters and twin brother Paul Vincent which is a movie editor. In 1994 he produced his own film under the name “Multi Facial” where he was actor and producer. This film was starred in three days and budget of this film was only $3000. But in 1995 this film was at the Cannes Film Festival where his film got stormy reception. After this success famous producer Steven Spielberg invited him for his next blockbuster “Saving Private Ryan”. But he became famous actor and super star after film “The Fast and the Furious”.
  • Reality behind of fiscal cliff
    By: mfte
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    It’s common that parliament pay for further demanding on government, and also in most countries government take responsibility of writing budget which indicates how and where to spend money raised through different resources. Also government is responsible to find resources for those expenditures. Then the budget will go to the parliament in order to being approved. So government’s job is to write plans for spending, and how to provide finance to them. But in the U.S this process is vice versa, and the congress is responsible for writing budget and finding way to supply the money for the budget, president of United States just following the way that congress has dictated to him. For further request which pushed upon the president there is limitation for borrowing. If the amount of borrowing closing the limit that already stated to the president, they will warn him to stop the way he is spending. So for solving the problem they have to raise that limit for borrowing by the president. In this way they will help to keep trust to the dollar in the world and make it easier to the contractors to work with the government.