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  • Improve Your Push Away (Bowling)
    By: Jessicabrownie
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    Creating the proper push away is very crucial not only in your release but also your timing. Creating the proper push away, you want to be able to manipulate the ball and put the ball in motion as easily as possible. You never want to push it, you never want to drop it. You want to put it in motion very naturally. It's a slight arc on the ball. When the ball is in position, you want to make sure that the ball is properly positioned near your body. You can have it a little bit further away, you can have it against your body, as long as when you get the ball in motion, it's not a straight out locking your elbow type of position.
  • How to go to mars?
    By: articleA
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    This is a documentary video for sending a space craft to the mars. At fist the space craft fir to send to the mars has big reservoir of fuel. It goes upper and upper and then some back parts of the space craft separate from the main space craft. Then the space craft continue it way to the mars and reach the atmosphere of the earth then after that part's fuel finished that part will divide, and drop in to the space where there is not gravity. Then another part of the space craft divide and the long journey to the mars starts. After the space craft reached to the mars, group of scientists…