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  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Brazil
    By: Leonardo
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    Brazilian Geese acting as security guards and dolphins helping fisherman to catch fish! Whatever next? Find out here! 10. Prisoners can cut a day of jail time for every 3 spent knitting for a fashion house. Another prison uses geese as security guards who squawk at unusual movements. 9. In 1959 cacareco the rhinoceros won Sao Paulo’s election for city council. In 1996 a goat leading opinion polls to be Pilar’s mayor died in suspicious circumstances.
  • Rabbit A Wonderful Pet For Childrens
    By: Forumposting
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    They are not loudly, they take very slight care, and they are extremely cuddly and enjoy creature carried around and respected. Their spiky teeth can be a trouble unless care is given to present objects they can bite on. Even then, at times they grip at the child. They like hopping around the garden, playing and chew the grass. The contact to sun and fresh atmosphere keep them hale and hearty.