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  • How to make hash browns, tutorial video
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    Hi and this is a tutorial video for making hash browns. You need three large potatoes, then berries truss tomatoes and spinach, and vegetable oils. At first we are going to grate potatoes, now removing the moisture of grated potatoes because if they have moisture while frying it might causes explosion, then frying them in a pan and letting them to cook well, flipping them over and cooking other side, burst tomatoes and spinach. Then put potatoes in a tray and sprinkle a little amount salt on top of them and then put spinach and tomatoes. It can be a perfect breakfast for Sunday morning.
  • The locust plague struck over the span of Saturday and Sunday in the Giza locale, home to a bunch of acclaimed pyramids, as per
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    Authorities assessed that no less than 30 million of the creepy crawlies have swarmed onto the fields and cultivates in the ballpark of 15 miles southwest of Cairo. The locust swarm is creating huge harm to horticulture in the territory, Alwatan News reported. In a few parts of the Middle East, on the other hand, locusts are utilized for sustenance – and one specific aged sort, known to Yemenite Jews, is really recognized legitimate. Occupants were cautioned not to attempt to head out the locusts themselves keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from doing further harm. Rather, "Egyptian military and fringe gatekeepers are endeavoring to battle the swarm with all means at their transfer," said Egyptian Agriculture Minister Dr. Salah Abd Al Mamon. "I ask the families living in the locust-plagues regions not to blaze tires," Mamon requested. "This does not pursue away the locusts, however just undertakings harm and could light impressive scale fires that might cost in lives." Rather, Mamon noted the climate forecasters have expected solid winds are soon to come, which he trusts will take the locusts towards the Red Sea, and Saud Arabia. The division additionally plans to utilize trim duster planes to address the infestation.
  • Flo Rida: Whistle
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    "Whistle" is a melody by American pop rapper Flo Rida from his fourth collection Wild Ones (2012). It was discharged on April 24, 2012 as the third single from the collection. Flo Rida, David Glass, Marcus Killian, Justin Franks, Breyan Isaac composed “Shriek” and Antonio Mobley while processing was took care of by DJ Frank E and Glass. It holds sexually suggestive verses. "Shriek" is a pop rap tune portrayed by a shrieking song. Upon it discharge, the melody appropriated generally jumbled audits from music authorities. They usually adulated it pop sound, noting that it had the potential of getting an additional hit with it "snappy" catch.
  • President Barack Obama
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    Chief Justice John Roberts uses Bibles to help Barack Obama take his presidential oath. President Barack Obama took a second time an oath on Sunday and he took place inauguration with pageantry on Monday Jan 20. He took an oth to do faithfully execut and will to the best of his ability to defend and defend the constitution of the United Stated.It is second time that he is president of the United Stated.