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  • How to change the desktop background on a Mac?
    By: Georgio
    In this video we are going to teach you change your desktop picture on a Mac. So Turn on your laptop and open up your "System Preferences". Then look for "Desktop & Screen Saver" icon on the first row. Once you click the icon, you have the option of Desktop or Screen Saver. So we will choose Desktop and you can see here that apple has their own dektop picture folder on your computer. So there are many options that you can use. Watch the video to know the rest of this tutorial.
  • How to find out that your email was read?
    By: Leonardo
    Have you ever been in a situation where you fired off an email and then you despirantly need to find out wether it is been read or not? Well weve got an easy solution for you and its called TailMail. Now TailMail is not a breaking down new barrier in email tracking. Basically it helps you unhide invisible images in your email and it will let you now when that image was viewd by another person...
  • Take Professional Photos for Your Online Shop With Your Phone
    By: Leonardo
    Today well show you how to take amazing professional photos with your camera phone, without any expensive equipment. Its a great trick if you sell things on sites like ebay or even craigslist. To start youre going to need a computer monitor or laptop screen to load the background image on. Try searching the term "Bokeh", Bokeh typically refers to the way a camera lens interbutes out of focus points of light. We want to simulate this on our phone which typically cannot produce such a thing. Find a beautiful image and set it to load up in fullscreen. Then you need a reflect surface to use as the base...
  • How to Cook Coconut Macaroons
    By: Leonardo
    First of all warm egg whites with white granulated sugar until nice and creamy. While doing this you stabilize the whites and give the Macaroons a crisp outer crust. Then fold in pure vanilla extract, along with a little cake flour and lots of sweetened dried coconut. While you add flour to these cookies, they give a wonderful dense texture and a dome-like shape. Watch this video and enjoy cooking this really delicious cookie. I really love the taste of it!!!
  • me702


    By: anishmas73
  • How to create Android apps without programming knowledge? - appsgeyser
    By: techpills
    This video will guide you to create the android apps without programming knowledge. Simply, we can create the website apps, quiz apps and youtube channel apps easily within sometime.
  • Google Search Tricks : Dig easily your old emails Part 5
    By: techpills
    This video will explain about the gmail search tricks to exclude the particular word in the subject or content in the email archival.
  • Gmail Search tricks : Dig easily your old emails Part 4
    By: techpills
    This video will explain about one of the gmail search tricks of OR condition. We can search the emails using OR condition to find more than one sender or recipient email results. This will be very helpful when we need more than one sender or recipient emails search.
  • Gmail Search tricks : Dig easily your old emails Part 2
    By: techpills
    This video will explain about the google search tricks to find the particular recipients mail from all the archived mails. This is an continuation of Gmail Search tricks : Dig easily your old emails Part 1
  • Paint American Flag
    By: Bradley
    Have you ever thought about how often an artist has to paint drapery? Drapery is the art term for folds and wrinkles in fabric. In this video were going to paint some extra tough drapery: the American flag. Painting with watercolor is difficult so we decided to solve this problem with masking fluid. The stripes are easier, but the flags wrinkles pose their own challenges. Used materials: * Paper: 9"x12" 140 lb. watercolor paper by The Langton * Preliminary drawing: 4H Derwent Graphic pencil. * Palette: Eldajon from Jerrys Artarama * Masking fluid: Incredible White Mask liquid frisket * Main colors: cadmium yellow light, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow medium, cerulean, ultramarine blue, thalo blue, dioxazine mauve, and sepia
  • 4th of July Simple Party Pleasers
    By: Leonardo
    In this video we have put together five nifty ideas that are sure to liven things up a pinch without busting your wallet. Lets get started! Are you tired of plastic cups and want to class things up a little bit? Well, its simple. Grab some formal glasses and a few balloons. Just snip off the top and bottom of the balloon and put right over your glass. Make sure the smaller ends at the base. Then it looks like yu have some fancy handy glasses. If you need to keep your drinks cool, but no one goes for a nice run? Watch the video to get the idea.
  • Ginger Facts and Health Benefits
    By: Leonardo
    For over 5000 years, ginger was revealed as the universal medicine by the ancient ancestors of China and India. Ginger plant was first discovered inside the Asia and is usually used in asian foods.However its healing properties did not go end notice in China and in India where ginger used today to cure various diseases and health problems.Ginger is a goos source of magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper and vitamin B6.
  • Making of sugar glass for decoration
    By: Bradley
    INGREDIENTS 3 cups white sugar (must be white granulated sugar) 1 cups light corn syrup 1 cup water 1 tablespoon lemon, or other flavored extract-( make sure that you use a non colored extract or it will tint the finished product) blue food coloring (I used about 10 drops of McCormick food coloring) First of all stir together the white sugar, corn syrup, and water. Remove it from heat and stir in flavored extract and food coloring, if desired. You can use any color and here we use a blue color to show a frozen glass. Pour onto a greased cookie sheet. Let cool, and break into large pieces that resemble broken ice. Store in an airtight container.
  • How to play a solo slap bass
    By: Bradley
    In this video were going to play a slap bass. To play a solo take your time and take it easy. Start with esy slaps and take your time and leave a lot of space. If the song is in the key of E, and you know your pentatonique E scale, you can work all over the instrument. In the video weer using a lot of syncopation and popping. So syncopation, put it where you aint, so you wanna play around the drama. Using all the techniques youve learned before, make a good solo.