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  • How to Tie the Eternity Knot
    By: Teach2
    How to Tie the Eternity Knot in the simple steps
  • English Listening Practice
    By: Teach
    Practice your English listening skills by transcribing the sentences you hear and comparing how close you were.
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 10
    By: Teach
    What's in Windows Live SkyDrive 2011 -Quick Tour of the SkyDrive Layout -Basic File Management in SkyDrive -Working with Your Documents -Working with Your Images -Working with Office Apps in SkyDrive -Saving an Office 2010 Document to SkyDrive -Synching Folders to SkyDrive with Windows Live Mesh -Check the Status of SkyDrive -The SkyDrive Help Center
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 9
    By: Teach
    -What is Live Photo Gallery 2011 -A Tour of Windows Photo Gallery Live 2011 -Importing Images -Tagging and Rating -Editing Tools -The Photo Fuse Tool -The Panorama Tool -Share Photos and Videos Online -Support for "RAW" Files -The Video Player Function -Photo Gallery Plugins -The Screen Saver Function
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 8
    By: Teach
    -What is Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 -A Tour of Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 -Import Your Videos and Photos -Working with the View Tab -Auto Movie Themes -Adding Titles, Captions and Credits -Working with Transitions and Pan & Zoom -Visual Effects -Working with Music -Saving your Movie -Sharing your Movie
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 7
    By: Teach
    -What is Windows Mail Live 2011 -A Tour of Windows Mail Live 2011 -Setup a Non-Hotmail Account -Setup a Hotmail Account -Create an Email Message -Create a Photo Email -The Calendar -Contacts -RSS Feeds -Safety Options
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 6
    By: Teach
    -An Introduction to using Device Manager -An Introduction to using System Images -An Introduction to using System Repair -An Introduction to using System Restore -An Introduction to using Troubleshooting Wizards -How to Reset Internet Explorer
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 5
    By: Teach
    -An Introduction to File Associations -An Introduction to using Advanced Disk Defragmenter -An Introduction to using Disk Cleaner -An Introduction to using Disk Defragmenter -An Introduction to using Windows Update
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 4
    By: Teach
    -Understanding Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows 7 -Understanding How to Work with UAC's in Windows 7 -The Start Menu Privacy Options -How to Clear Recent List Items -Understanding Flash Player Local Storage in Windows 7 -How to Automatically Update Flash Player -Understanding the Windows Media Player Privacy Options -How to Setup Parental Controls on a Guest user Account, and Why... -Working with Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 -The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.2
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 3
    By: Teach
    -Working with Visual Effects in Windows 7 -How to Turn Off Aero Peek -How to Setup and Use Hotmail Aliases -How to Remap your Keyboard -Pin Programs to the Start Menu -Disable File Indexing in Windows 7 -How to Setup Favorites in the Explorer Window -How to Customize Notifications and Hide Icons -How to Add the Video link to the Start Menu -Turn Off Games in Windows 7 -Introducing WinBubble for Tweaking Windows 7 -How to Change your Logon Picture
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 2
    By: Teach
    -Troubleshooting in Windows Update -Creating a Windows Update Wizard Shortcut -Introducing the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security -Troubleshooting with The Cryptographic and BITS Services -Introducing the Microsoft SysInternal Tools -Troubleshooting with Device Drivers -Device Driver Settings and Options -Troubleshooting with Software Compatibility -Troubleshooting with the Event Viewer -Introducing the Windows 7 Resource Monitor -Revealing Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7 -Using the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 -An Explanation of the SFC.exe Tool in Windows 7 -Setting up the "Godmode" Shortcut Solution
  • Windows 7 - Chapter 1
    By: Teach
    - Understanding Advanced Indexing Options - Working with Task Scheduling - Disk Defragmenter from the Command Line in Windows 7 - Configuring Windows 7 Start up Programs - Configure Windows 7 Services on Start up - Change the Computer Name in Windows 7 - Advanced Disk Cleanup Manager - Hard Drive maintenance with Windows 7 CHKDSK - Create your own System Repair Disk for Windows 7 - Generate a System Health Report for your PC - Managing Windows 7 Virtual Memory the Correct Way - Removing Every Type of Unwanted Programs and Utilities - Using CCleaner to Maintain Windows 7
  • FaceFilter Studio
    By: CVT
    Face filter is a powerful software in the field of adding and editing the modes, forms and face features in the images. For instance, we can change the mimic of nose, eyes , mouth and smile. In this program , you will be familiar precisely with various parts of the software and learn how to apply changes for different purposes In addition, the mimics of nose, eyes, mouth and smile will be changed. The instructions are really precise in a way that a learner can follow them on his/her own to apply. To begin, they can choose their favorite image and by using open, close, left, right and other icons and toolbars as well as rotating the image , favorite changes will be applied on the image. Not only the frame and form of the image can be modified or changed, but also the color level and its adjustments are really effective .Adjust color level is an icon that adjusts the lightness, brightness, darkness, contrast and saturation too . By smart color, color level is automatically adjusted. It is worth mentioning that these adjustments can be done by hand too. If you have taken a picture or a photo with red eye, do not worry, this error can be removed by the help of features of this program. Software adjusts the eye color in a way that look naturally. Click and drag play an important role in these applications and changes. The redness of the eye in images and photos can be easily removed and modified. By facial mask adjustment the defects in images can be wiped by using click and drag in the frames along with selecting the area in face and applying the relevant icons . To apply changes on face and its different parts, it is necessary to use the toolbar on the above menu of page, brush is a helpful tool for modifications because determining the size of the brush and color level are main tools for editing the face or changing the appearance. Another method which is used and is really applicable for professional people and photographers is using expression, by using this method, any mode such as anger, happiness, sadness and etc can be applied to our image even by clicking on muscle icon , small parts of the face can be edited too. Recently , with the existence of modern method many photographers change the old black and white images to colorful ones which are done by the help of this program, the manual fitting icon can determine the different spots on face and by signifying the opacity and brightness , favorite colors will be applied. The whole changes and modifications are easily saved and by pressing undo or redo the image can be returned to its first mode. This program consists of 9 lessons Lesson 1 : Software introduction Lesson 2 : Red eye reduction Lesson 3 : Face choice and its mask adjustment Lesson 4 : Facial mask modification Lesson 5 : Skin filters Lesson 6 : To use toolbox for applying the filter Lesson 7 : The eyes redness modification Lesson 8 : Using expression Lesson 9 :To convert black and white images to colorful images
  • After Effects CS4
    By: Teach3
    Wanna explore the power of most advanced and powerful animation software that is mainly aimed to design motion graphic and visuals.Do you want to discover the secrets how they make some beautiful visual effects in movies and modern advertisement.If you would like to earn some money online using your skills.After understanding this tutorial you would easily able to make great videos for freelance and personal use. In this tutorial you will find how to use Adobe after effects software? This tutorial covers each and every aspect of after effects from basic to advanced level.You will learn the professional standard for motion graphics,compositing,visual effects.You will discover the new features of after effects. cs4. It includes topics like After Effects fundamentals working with 3d working with text cartoon effect masking animation special effects and lot more. Lot's of subtopics are included to give you a brief and powerful knowledge of particular thing and a topic wise explanation would guide you to right path. At the end of the tutorial you find yourself as an aftereffect expert.
  • After Effects CS5.5
    By: Teach2
    Like the Hollywood commercials? Maybe you want to create a great blockbuster movie? Perhaps you want to take that video you took to the next level? Adobe After Effects CS5.5 can help you achieve all of this and more. Have you found yourself wanting to be creative with video movies? Yes, you’ve seen that special effect on TV you’d like to do yourself. Good news: You don’t have to go to college to learn to be a video master. Everything you need is included in our great one-on-one personal tutorials. Over 60 tutorials that give you onscreen instruction. Play it as many times as you wish. Take it with you. Be the creative digital artist you’ve always wanted to be. Learn with us. And learn with Adobe After Effects tutorials, right here! Tutorials include: 1. What is After Effects? 2. Getting Started with After Effects 3. Learning to animate 4. Precomposing 5. Effects: patterns, blur, distortion, lens flare and more. 6. Video 7. Color-Correcting 8. Colorizing Black and White objects 9. Animating Text 10. Layers 11. Painting 12. Using Masks/Shape Layers 13. 3D: Shadows, Lights, cameras 14. Keying/Composition: Green screen 15. Animation 16. Tracking Motion 17. Using Expressions for animation 18. Audio 19. How to Render and Compress your video 20. Exporting: What formats to use. 21. More…
  • Windows 7

    Windows 7

    By: Teach