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  • Signs of a Heart Attack
    By: ARVC
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    How can someone know if they're having a heart attack? Well, that can be tricky. Firstly, a heart attack can classically present as chest discomfort or pain or pressure in the chest. It's usually squeezing and dull in nature and may be associated with sweatiness. The symptoms may stay in the chest wall, or travel or radiate to the neck, arm, or left jaw... .
  • Titanic biography, video
    By: Victor_Brown
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    Hi, there are many happening in the world, some are good news and some become bad news for many people some forget very soon and some become memorable and become the idea of making movies. One of the most memorable happenings was titanic sink. It was the biggest passenger liner in the world and very big and gigantic. It was like a wish for many people to travel with that. But it sink and it become the idea of making many movies about it. And it become a very important news in its time. And people yet like to know about it.
  • Travelling tips.

    Travelling tips.

    By: articleA
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    This is a tutorial video that will talk about travelling. Before you go for travelling you need to prepare ticket, it is better to select time for buying cheaper if does not matter for you when to go, first you need to check your ticket by internet or telephone to be sure your flight or train travel or bus will be ready. I remember that once it has not! Then remember to use a suitable suitcase you would not take a big one, choose a small one to put under your seat. On the top it might has some problem causes by other passengers.