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  • Selena Gomez star
    By: Aika
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    Selena Gomez was born on 22nd of July, in 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas. If we can see her we cannot imagine how this little and slim girl can have brave character and find way to Hollywood. She started her actress career from the 7 years old. Her first role was in a TV show for children “Barney and Friends”. She had participants in this show 2 years. After this she had bit roles in a few movies. But next year was for her more successful; she had participant in a Disney Channel. She made a role in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and in the TV show “Hannah Montana”. But her big screen movie was “Another Cinderella Story” in 2009, where she became a famous star. She grew up as actress. But she didn’t stop in her actress career she released her first music album “Kiss and Tell” in 2010.