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  • Cause of world war 1, world history
    By: alex_ferra
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    Hi, world history is full of events, some god event and some bad. Some wars and some peaces. By studying the history we can learn about the harm of the war and the beauty of the peace and how we can develop faster in peace. Specially now that the earth is a global village. Totally the reason of wars is that two side have some conflict, one side want something and then other want dot, when they are agree they might fight, but no war can be the best solution. We just lose by war even if we win in war. Here we have a video about causes of world war 1.
  • Who were the Normans
    By: Victor_Brown
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    Hi, this is an educational vide about who were the Normans. History is useful because we can learn a lot about the past of human history, the experiences of war, of peace, and many different knowledge are using past events experiences. Learning about the history can teach us how to chose our way, how to have a better live, how good is win and bad will lose. How war is harmful and how peace bring joy to us. And by studying about history of countries out perspective can change, that now a not very strong country how had a great tradition, and great history full of great mans.