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  • iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Trailer
    By: Mark_P
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    After all rumours finally iPhone 6 was announced and released. It has bigger screen and so many new feaures. In some words we can say that its better in every way. Some key features of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are: * Larger and dramatically thinner * More powerfull but power efficient * Smooth metal surface * Retina HD display * New iSight Camera
  • Interrupting Barack Obama With Happy Birthday Sing During His Speech
    By: mystery11
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    Another speech, another interruption. But this time the US president is smiling. Obama was talking about reforming the US housing market when a section of the audience shouted out "Happy Birthday Mr President!". Mr. president looked to his right to acknowledge and say "thank you" while joking that the big day was actually "two days ago." So what do you do when this happens? Feel the fire.
  • Why Are Panda Dogs So Popular?
    By: Leonardo
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    It's all the rage in China to make your dog look like a panda bear! But some experts say the dye used in this process can be harmful to a dog's health. People have been dying their hair for thousands of years and now dogs can be just as fashionable as their owners. Pet stores all across China are having a hard time keeping with the demand for what is now called a panda dog. This is a domesticated panda or a new dog species, instead pet shops transform chow and other dogs…
  • What Color Is A Mirror?
    By: Bradley
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    In this video we talked about colors. And the more important thing is to know what color is a mirror? You might say silver because mirrors are often illustrated that way and to be sure mirrors are made out of silver or silvery things. But a mirror in reality is whatever color you pointed at. For example in a green room the mirror is green and if you look inside a mirror it becomes you color…
  • Places to Visit in Los Angeles
    By: ARVC
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    You might say there exists nearly An excessive amount to perform inside Los angeles -- it might be overwhelming. Here are some important destinations and area illustrates to aid direct you: The most popular points of interest would be the Artist Go involving Recognition, exactly where stars' names are usually inlayed in to the footpath inside homage on their excellent accomplishments inside the enjoyment business. If you are inside Artist, require a trip involving Important Photos or perhaps Warner Bros. Companies for just a behind-the-scenes check out motion picture manufacturing. Outside the area, you'll want to devote more time to about the seaside, particularly if anyone visit in the summer. The Santa claus Monica Express Seashore would be the excellent destination to work on the bronze or perhaps play a few seaside volleyball.
  • How to Play a Pull-Off
    By: ARVC
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    We talked earlier about hammer-ons which is where we play a note and we place a finger on top of the ringing note. Here's the opposite of that. We call it a pull-off, and basically we're kind of rolling off of a fretted note. So, say I was playing a C chord and I took that chord tone that I have on the fourth string and I pull my finger off. So I'm picking the note and then I pull it off and part of doing a nice clean pull-off is you're actually sort of picking the note or picking the string, I should say, with your fretting finger.
  • Easy Morning Makeup Routine
    By: mileylarry
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    I know this happens to everyone, where you don't have a ton of time to get ready in the morning. So you need something quick and easy to get out the door but still look polished. Here's some easy morning makeup routine tips. The first thing that I would say is to use a BB or a CC cream all over the face. Just something quick. It primes the face. It minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, redness.
  • At Home Treatments for Stretch Marks
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    Lots of women ask me about stretch marks and what they can do at home to get rid of them. The best advice I can give you, step one, do lots of exfoliating. I wouldn't recommend exfoliating with something too harsh like a retinol or any type of vitamin A because that can thin out your skin as you get older. What I would recommend doing is doing a really nice sugar scrub or salt scrub on you body, let's say three times a week. A scrub is going to stimulate more collagen production. It's going to trigger the healing production in your skin and it's going to make those stretch marks disappear.
  • Reduce Cellulite with Coffee Grounds
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    I hear a lot of people ask the same question. How can I get rid of cellulite with coffee grounds? Lots of people don't get that caffeine, which obviously is a major ingredient in coffee, is gonna increase the circulation to an area of your body. So if you use it as a scrub, let's say you mix some coffee grounds with olive oil, and use it as a scrub in the shower on your area of trouble like your buttocks or your tummy or something.
  • How to Affair-Proof Your Relationship
    By: jacksmith
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    Is there a way to affair-proof your relationship? I would say the honest answer is no because people cheat for so many different reasons; however, certain things do help in maintaining a healthy relationship and insulate your relationship from the possibility of an affair. One of them is, of course, good communication strategies and the other one is what I call the three A's: attention, affection, appreciation.
  • How to Breathe during a Front Crawl
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    As you take a quick breath to your side, the arm recovers and it fits right in front of your head, and you begin the stroke with the other arm. In freestyle, the breathing could be done at any time. You can really just swim at whatever level you're swimming at. So, what I'm trying to say about that is, in freestyle, breathing to your side could be done every stroke, every other three strokes, every other five strokes or seven strokes, depending on what kind of workout you are doing.
  • Leopard and Zebra nail design
    By: JiinxBeauty
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    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this white and blue / Leopard and Zebra nail design! Please note that the reason why I always say "turqoise nail polish" in this video is because the polish was actually turqoise, but my camera has poor video quality and after I finished editing this video it looks rather light blue than turqoise... Song used: SONG: Massad - Tear My Heart Out Buy here:
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