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  • How to Get Around in Singapore
    By: jacksmith
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    "A lot of Singapore is easy to walk around, but the tropical heat can make it unpleasant sometimes. Luckily, if you don't want to work up a sweat, there are plenty of other reliable options. Singapore's taxis are safe, clean, relatively inexpensive, and the drivers are helpful. Taxis are a good choice if you're worried about getting lost--but you might have a little trouble getting one during rush hours, so it's good to have a backup plan. It's hard to go wrong with the Mass Rapid Transit, or MRT, system... .
  • Making homemade classic pizza, tutorial
    By: articleA
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    Hi this is a tutorial video for making homemade classic pizza. Here for this pizza the ingredients we will need are, two cups of all-purposed flour, one cup of bread flour (optional-replace with all purpose flour), one envelope rapid active dry yeast, quarter cup of olive oil, one tsp of baking powder, 5.5 teaspoons sugar, one cup of warm water/milk, 110 degree of Fahrenheit, and one teaspoon of salt or to state. And for making the sauce the ingredients you will need are, 2 cups of tomatoes, you can use also two cups of tomato puree, one tablespoon of sugar if you want it is optional.
  • Fill Modelling tool tutorials for blender
    By: AhnafMustakin
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    An open source 3d animator and renderer have gone too far with its very rapid growth of technology. I have found a new version of this blender, the blender 2.68 which solves the problem of most blender users. It is the ability to fill the grid automatically thus enabling the artist to render and construct 3d objects faster than before. This features will also helps them to give more focus on the character details rather than spending time on filling the grid. However, you might find it complicated at first but a tutorial video made by “blender cookie society” will do take care on that. You can watch the video and see how this “grid fill” works.
  • Impact of technology on life
    By: poorya
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    Nowadays, technology in our life is potentially growing as fast as the use of it will contribute us to live better. It has made the life easier and more convenient by helping us to be connected to our friends as well as the limitless of the world technology. However, along with the rapid changes in our lives, the cost is probable to occur. With changing the life as a result of the technology, our lives are exposure towards it and we will be suffering of the backlash effect of technology in our lives.
  • Fastest Everything
    By: ARVC
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    In this video you can see different people with different skills. what is special about their skill is the fact that they are able to do it in fastest way. worlds fastest gun shooter, clapper and ... .
  • How to lose wait in just 3 weeks?
    By: mfte
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    If your BMI is above 28, you are supposed to be fat or over weight. It’s not important how much do you lose your weight but how you are going to do it, or the method you use for that. In these three weeks, program focusing on just giving the body essential nutrition for proper functioning of body and then try to bring in use that triglyceride stored in the body rather than intake new source of energy. It also accompanies with supplements and types of foods need for rapid success in this 3 weeks program.