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  • Magician bends iPhone 6 Plus! PRANK
    By: Michael_J
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    Magic and an iPhone 6 Plus : Performing for an unsuspecting stranger. This was a tough one because we had to find someone who has an iPhone 6 Plus and is still happy to be in the video after this nerve-stretching situation!
  • Dancing Cleaning Husband
    By: Mark_P
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  • Fake Pregnancy Prank
    By: Georgio
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  • Fire in TV Pranks
    By: Bradley
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    In this video you'll see and old man putting out TV fire!!!
  • Head in a Toilet
    By: AhnafMustakin
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    The hilarious pranksters from the “Just for Laughs” crew are on the job once again. This time they choose a more private setting, that is, the portable toilets. Apparently, this prank took the unaware victims by helluva surprise. Some of them screamed their lungs out while others bolted off as fast as they can. What the jokester did was hide himself inside the toilet. Now this was probably custom-made for the plot. Whenever someone tries to use the toilet, the prankster would suddenly pop his head out of the toilet bowl. He’d do this in a manner that the victim is really shocked.
  • Fake Poop Hidden Camera
    By: ARVC
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    People are getting pranked by a man with an old make up and a fake poop. He pretend that he needs to go to toilet and there isn't any around since he doesnt have other choice he release himself. The reaction and how people buy the prank and he gets them to believe him is priceless.