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  • Minions - Little Hero
    By: Mark_P
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    One of the most interesting animation characteristics are minions. Minions were first presented in the Despicable Me 1. These cute guys love bananas and one their favorite habits is singing. They love to do funny things, that's what made them so cute. Watch this short animation to get the most of minions.
  • Game driving tips
    By: articleA
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    This is a video about gaming driving tips that might help you for game driving. These advices is from Lucas Ordonez, he says that the first tip is to "take steering in the right position". For everyone who wants to be a good driver it is necessary to take the steering in the right position without any extra movement for tire and steer. The second advice is to look far as much as you can, this will bring you this ability to be ready for reacting where necessary. The third advice is to use all track as you will use in a real race.
  • Is Messi all Barcelona has?
    By: Forumposting
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    Some people think that the dependence of Barcelona on Messi is a myth. They believe that it is not possible for a player to be a hero in every Season. Actually, the trophy from FIFA and goals that Messi score every now and then are enough to shut the mouths of these critics! But this is also true that the low scoring or performing statistics against Messi is pretty hard to disagree. But look at his tremendous talent exposed through the goals he scores. It is fairly safe to say that Messi's boots will make up for a large part of those valuable lost points in this season. Messi should understand that fame doesn’t make champions. He needs to come back with his talent to stay on top with Barcelona!
  • Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis

    By: Aika
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    Bruce Walter Willis was born in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany, on 19th of March, in 1955. He is iconic of action films for all time of Hollywood film industry. His first and debut acting was in Broadway show under the name “Heaven and Earth”. At the next year he played role in film “The First Deadly Sin” with Frank Sinatra. In 1980s he starred in the films such as “The Verdict”, “Miami Vice” and “Hart to Hart”. For our surprising Bruce he is not just amazing actor, he is also a good singer. He recorded his first and debut album “Return to Bruno” at the Motown Records Company. He returned on the stage of Hollywood movie industry with film “Die Hard” which became a huge successful film for all time. This film earned $81 million and with other 3 parts of this film they earned $3 billion in the ticket sales. By this film Bruce became a huge star and it was just start for his career as actor. After big break he returned with huge hit film “The Expendables” starring legendary actors such as Jet Li, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. For the first week after released this film brought to box office $28 million.
  • Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey

    By: Aika
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    James Eugene Carrey or as we know him under the name Jim Carrey was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, on 17th of January, in 1962. He is incredible and unbelievable comedian actor for all time of Hollywood movie industry. He is one of the best performance which introduce the whole comedy movie industry of international scale. At 15 years old he participated at Toronto comedy club. He wanted to be like legendary comics Rodney Dangerfield and Buddy Hackett. In 1998 he won his first Golden Globe in nomination “The Best Actor” by hit film “The Truman Show”. At the next year he played role in the film “Man on the Moon” starring Courtney Love. For this film he won his second Golden Globe. But for addition he never won Academy Award, but no matter what, he is one of the expensive comedian actor which the cost of play role is $20 million.
  • Vin Diesel

    Vin Diesel

    By: Aika
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    Mark Sinclair Vincent or how we know him as well Vin Diesel was born on 18th of July, in 1967, in New York City. He grew up in middle class of family where his mother was astrologist and psychologist; his father who is not for him as biological father was theatre teacher. He never knew his biological father, because when his mother was pregnant he left family. He has also two older sisters and twin brother Paul Vincent which is a movie editor. In 1994 he produced his own film under the name “Multi Facial” where he was actor and producer. This film was starred in three days and budget of this film was only $3000. But in 1995 this film was at the Cannes Film Festival where his film got stormy reception. After this success famous producer Steven Spielberg invited him for his next blockbuster “Saving Private Ryan”. But he became famous actor and super star after film “The Fast and the Furious”.
  • Avril Lavigne: Girlfriend
    By: ARVC
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    "Girlfriend" is a record by Canadian vocalist-songwriter Avril Lavigne. Lavigne composed the melody with her maker Dr. Luke for Lavigne's third studio collection, The Best Damn Thing (2007). "Better half" was discharged as the lead single from The Best Damn Thing on 27 February 2007. Expressively, the melody spins around its hero having a smash on somebody who is seeing someone she ought to be his mate. The tune has been noted to have likenesses to Toni Basil's 1982 single "Mickey", and The Rubinoos' 1979 single "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend". The songwriters of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" sued Lavigne and Dr. Luke for copyright encroachment; the suit was later settled.
  • Hero waiter

    Hero waiter

    By: ramezaniletvc
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    Ramon is a waiter that asked him to serve planned Parenthood but he wants to serve for god.many people consel him and they want to help him for ever and for nothing.ABC show this clip inorder to accept his request on behalf of company and he worked for nothing just god. A waiter named Ramon was called by the catering company that he works for to serve at the grand opening of the new Planned Parenthood mega center in Houston, TX, which is the second largest abortion clinic in the world.