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  • Iron man 3: going beyond expectations
    By: Forumposting
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    The need to watch Iron Man 3 is becoming a viral talk among people since it opened to theaters less than a week ago. From the trailer itself, everyone is intrigued with how the story will go since there seems to be more than one villain in the movie. Plus, everybody is excited to see Pepper, Tony Stark’s girlfriend and secretary (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) step up her game and show off some action in the movie. Iron Man 3 has a lot of expectations to meet, from the smooth storyline, to the action and fight scenes and the over-all satisfaction craved by Iron Man lovers. One more thing to look forward for the third movie of Iron Man are the funny lines and jokes thrown since Tony Stark is known to be a joker and loves to amuse himself with those around him, maybe except for Pepper.
  • Tony Stark is Back
    By: AhnafMustakin
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    The playboy billionaire is back with the third installment of Iron Man. It follows the story of the Avengers where they have completed a mission in New York. After that, Tony Stark shares that he’s been having a hard time sleeping at night. He’s having nightmares. He fears that he might lose his girlfriend, Pepper Potts. Here, Robert Downey Jr. faces a new opponent in the name of Mandarin. Mandarin is a terrorist and has great influence everywhere. He’s got choppers and other weapons of destruction. We can also see that lots of suits have been made in this movie. Iron Man isn’t the only one wearing a fancy armor.
  • Avril Lavigne - punk
    By: Aika
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    Pop punk singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne was born on 27th of September, in 1984, in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. All her time she spent to music from childhood. And her parents supported her in her music interest. Her first step in music industry was in 2000 with Artista Records Company. She released her first album as “Let Go” in 2002, with hit songs as “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi”. This album was sold 15 million copies worldwide. She was a new star which introduces most of the teenagers, because she was a punk and rock star. She gave a new direction of fashion. Her next albums such as “Under My skin” (2004) with hit songs as “Nobody’s Home”, “Don’t Tell Me” and “My Happy Ending”, “The Best Damn Thing” (2007) and “Goodbye Lullaby” (2011).
  • Avril Lavigne: Girlfriend
    By: ARVC
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    "Girlfriend" is a record by Canadian vocalist-songwriter Avril Lavigne. Lavigne composed the melody with her maker Dr. Luke for Lavigne's third studio collection, The Best Damn Thing (2007). "Better half" was discharged as the lead single from The Best Damn Thing on 27 February 2007. Expressively, the melody spins around its hero having a smash on somebody who is seeing someone she ought to be his mate. The tune has been noted to have likenesses to Toni Basil's 1982 single "Mickey", and The Rubinoos' 1979 single "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend". The songwriters of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" sued Lavigne and Dr. Luke for copyright encroachment; the suit was later settled.