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  • Baghali polo ba morgh (Chicken Fava beans) tutorial cooking
    By: michael_lopez
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    Hi, Fava beans which also known as broad beans, are delicious vegetables can be find in many recipes. They are full of vitamin. And you can cook them alone. For cooking them you can use different recipes, boiling them in water for such a long time to be completely cooked or using them with making other foods. Here is a tutorial video that will show you how to make baghali polo ba morgh (chicken fava bean) which is Iranian food. It is popular and delicious food. Let's watch the video to learn how to cook baghali polo ba morgh at home.
  • How to cook with Fava beans/broad beans? Tutorial cooking, Fava beans
    By: Victor_Brown
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    Hi, vegetables can be used in many different they can be in many different kinds of food and you can use your creativity using them in foods you prefer. For example you can use Fava beans in spaghetti or use it with rice depends on you if you like to use it this way or not, someone prefer to use it this way and some time we prefer to use them with no accompaniment. Here we have a tutorial video to teach you how to cook with fava beans, this might be a good ideas for cooking with fava beans. Lets watch the video.