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  • Make Your Nose Look Thinner
    By: mileylarry
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    So one thing that I always hear when I'm doing makeup is how to make your face look thinner and today I'm going to give you tips on how to thin your nose with contouring. So the first step would be to highlight. I'm using YSL Touche Eclat today. What you do, take a little pump. I'm going to put a little bit down the top of my nose. So this is highlighting the top and later we're going to go back with contour, and the combination of the two is what thins the face and will give it a little bit of that illusion that it's thinner and more precise.
  •  Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars
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    I've got two suggestions for you. Number one, lots of exfoliation. I don't like it when people use lots of retinols and Retin A in general. I'm not talking about that type of exfoliation. But a great scrub. Something with lactic acid in it, or enzymes in it, are really great for the skin. They're not too harsh, but you're going to really be stimulating a regular exfoliation; a regular cell turnover. Which will cause collagen production. Collagen production is what you want, because you want all of that scarring to go away.
  • Make a Homemade Acne Mask
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    For acne skin, my favorite mask is one cup of rolled oats cooked, with two opened up green tea bags into the oatmeal mixture. I would add a mashed up banana and a little bit of extra water in the oatmeal mask to make it a little bit more spreadable for your skin. I would put a thin layer all over the skin and I would sit for about 20 minutes with it on the face.
  • At Home Treatments for Stretch Marks
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    Lots of women ask me about stretch marks and what they can do at home to get rid of them. The best advice I can give you, step one, do lots of exfoliating. I wouldn't recommend exfoliating with something too harsh like a retinol or any type of vitamin A because that can thin out your skin as you get older. What I would recommend doing is doing a really nice sugar scrub or salt scrub on you body, let's say three times a week. A scrub is going to stimulate more collagen production. It's going to trigger the healing production in your skin and it's going to make those stretch marks disappear.
  • Do Cellulite Rollers Work?
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    A lot of my clients ask me if they should get treatments with cellulite rollers and do they really work? It's important to know that cellulite rollers do work, but it's incredibly temporary. In other words, if you're going to do this kind of a treatment before a vacation and you know that it might not last after the vacation, then go for it. What they're really doing is using pressure with the rollers plus heat to loosen up your connective tissue in-between your fat cells. Therefore, hide the fat better. Push the fat out less, if you will. Like I said, It's very temporary. You are going to need more than one treatment even if you want to see a difference in the first place. It might not be the best thing if you're really trying to lose weight, or if you're looking for a long term solution.
  • Top Cellulite Treatments
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    Here's what I would consider to be my top three favorite treatments for cellulite reduction.Number one: dry brushing. It's something anyone can do it at home, it takes 5 minutes a day. It's not invasive and it really works. Number two: green juices. I recommend drinking a green juice every day. It detoxifies your whole body. It hydrates the body from the inside and it really goes a long way in oxygenating your whole body, every cell in your body. Therefore, it's going to reduce the appearance of fat cells in those problem areas.
  • How to Make Caramel
    By: ARVC
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    my name is Katy Rosenhouse. Today I'm going to make a homemade caramel. So I'm starting with a cup of sugar, so I have my measuring cup. Okay, so that's one cup of sugar right in my pot. I've got a quarter cup of water. So let's get rid of that. And you just want to add enough so it becomes almost like a wet sand consistency, so you can see when I mix my sugar in it's nice and moist, there are no dry bits kind of running throughout.
  • How to Model in NY, Paris or Milan
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    The process of becoming a model in a major market is usually an evolving one. Every single story is different. Every single person's experience is different, so I can speak of what generally happens. Those markets are constantly scouting, constantly looking, constantly every season they like to have new people they introduce to designers and casting directors for the fashion season. That's usually the best time for fashion models to get started.
  • How to Smile in Modeling Photos
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    Britt Bergmeister: And I'm Britt Bergmeister. For modeling, it's not always about the serious look. You get a lot of commercial jobs where you have to smile. So, for me, one tip that my mom actually gave is to laugh. Because that will come across as genuine and you'll tell from the picture that you're connecting and you're giving a real, genuine laugh. It's important to practice in front of the mirror. I have a very gummy smile and so, I have to practice dropping my lip down and not giving as much teeth as I would with my friends if I'm telling a joke.
  • Biggest Modelling Headshot Mistakes
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    nobody wants to see crazy, big hair. Nobody wants to see way too much makeup. I don't want to see a red lip. If the one thing I see in the picture is not you, then you've gone down the wrong road. If I look at the picture and all I see is bright red lipstick, then I missed you. I didn't see you, and I'm going to remember the picture for the bright red lipstick, and that's all I'm going to remember. And the same goes with the hair, bows in the hair, things in the hair. Never, in my opinion, in my experience, never look like you're trying too hard. Don't try too hard. Don't try too hard in the pictures.
  • Putting Together a Modeling Portfolio
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    Spring for the price of a professional photographer. Call a modeling agency you are targeting and ask for references and contact numbers of shooters with whom they normally work. Have you hair and makeup done at a salon before your photo shoot. Have the photo shoot. Once you get the proofs back from the photographer, pick a variety, including full body, profile, and head shots. Vary the backgrounds and outfits to avoid giving the impression you were in one location with a limited wardrobe.
  • Basic Weight & Height Requirements for Modeling
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    The first thing that you know is that models are tall and skinny. So, the first question is, "How tall and how skinny do I have to be?" And the answer is, depending upon the type of modeling that you're doing, height is important and being skinny, in good shape and healthy are important. No one in the business that is a legitimate agent is going to tell you to starve yourself, but if you photographically, on film, don't look good, then that's something that needs to be talked about. Maybe you need to lose 5 pounds. Maybe you're retaining salt.
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