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  • Minions - Little Hero
    By: Mark_P
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    One of the most interesting animation characteristics are minions. Minions were first presented in the Despicable Me 1. These cute guys love bananas and one their favorite habits is singing. They love to do funny things, that's what made them so cute. Watch this short animation to get the most of minions.
  • piano man

    piano man

    By: mahkam
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    An old man shares his life story with his young grandchild through evocative music.
  • How to Create Clay Scenery - Stop Motion
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    Once you've created your clay character, perhaps you'd like to make a place for the character to animate in. Dressing your set in an animation is important, of course, and there are many directions you can go in. We're going to be working with a camera directly in front of us, shooting against this backdrop here. You could use any color of fabric or paper to create your backdrop.
  • How to Create a Clay Character - Stop Motion
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    if you'd like to make a clay character or a clay puppet to be animated, there area few great tips I can give you. First, get some clay. The clay that you animate with is really up to you. There are a variety of modeling clays on the market. You're probably looking for a non-drying, non-hardening modeling clay, something with wax or oil in it so that your puppets don't harden up on while you're animating.
  • Claymation Basics
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    ou can create stop motion animated films with so many different types of materials. I think one of the most effective materials to use, of course, would be clay. And clay is a great great material for stop motion animation because it's so easy to change the form of clay. When animating with clay, you would apply the same rules you apply when you are animating with found objects. You would do things in small increments.
  • How to Animate Found Objects - Stop Motion
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    It's good to know that when you're animating found objects, you can animate with almost any object you can find though some objects work better than others. For example, animating with a block may prove easier than animating with a ball because the block will stay where you put it whereas the ball may roll away.
  • Multi-Plane Animation Basics
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    One of my favorite ways to create stop motion animation is through using a multiplane. And what a multiplane allows you to do is add a layer to your film, add a layer to your animation. And you can build multiplanes that will give you numerous layers. In this case of this multiplane here, we're just adding one layer. The way that we add this layer is by taking a piece of plexiglass.
  • How to Storyboard Your Animation
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    you don't always have to make a plan when you're creating a stop motion animation, but it's a pretty good idea to go in with a plan. And one way to plan is by creating a storyboard. Many film directors use storyboards, and they use different styles of storyboards. what a storyboard basically is is a piece of paper with panels drawn out. They represent a frame or a shot of your film, and there can be any amount of space for you to take notes as the director. How much you draw in your panel, how many notes you take, is up to you.
  • How to Set Up Your Studio - Stop Motion
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    if you would like to set up your own stop motion animation studio, there are many different directions you can go in. Here's one of them. I have a digital video camera, fairly compact model, rigged up to a C-stand by a clamp right here and it's pointing down to the surface right here which have covered in black paper. The C-stand is actually mounted to the floor. C-stands come in different sizes. You don't need a C-stand to clamp to. You can clamp to a coat rack.
  • What Is Stop Motion Animation?
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    What is stop motion animation? Stop motion animation is basically when you take a photograph of something and you change that subject you're photographing in a very small way and you take another picture and you change it and you take another picture and you manually change it. Take another picture and you change it.
  • How to Animate Water - Stop Motion
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    How to animate water is a great question, and there are so many different ways to animate water in stop motion animation. One way that I like to do it is with clear hair gel. Now this can get a little bit messy, of course. Keep this in mind if you're trying it.
  • Animation


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