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  • Poker Hand Rankings Tutorial
    By: ARVC
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    Hey, I'm Nicky Numbers, Professional Poker Player, and today, we're going to talk about poker hand rankings. What, beats what. Most of the time when you see hand rankings, you see them displayed for all forms of high card poker, rather than what you're really interested in seeing, which is Texas Hold Em. But really what they aren't showing you, is just the hand rankings for poker. They're showing you the hand rankings as if its for Five Card Draw. You know, the game where you see people on t.v. playing with five cards in front of them, like this. The old version of poker. Now, it's all Hold Em. So, in Texas Hold Em, each player has two down hole cards, and then there are five community cards. These are shared cards that can be used by any player. The best five card hand possible is a royal flush, which is not only cards in order, Ten, Jack, King, Queen, Ace, but also of the same exact suit.
  • Card trick, each time once only once red back ace, tutorial
    By: aidin_ahmadian
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    Hi this is a tutorial video. Here you will see a man having four aces, and showing them to you then fliping the cards over and counting and then showing you the first one ace, for example ace of diamond, it is the only card between other card which has a red back, while at first that he shows you all the cards. Then flipping the card over and recounting, this time showing another aces, and this ace is the only ace between card which has red back, he does this once more again and for the last aces because it is his favorite it will show with the blue back.
  • Psychological trick, equal cards change, mind illusion
    By: articleA
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    Hi this is a video show that your mind make some false prediction actually it is a psychological trick. I have three cards here and you are free to choose one. Now I take the queen and put it in the back of the table and I have the ten here on its place and I take the ace on the top of the table near to the camera so that the ace looks bigger to you and the queen looks smaller because it is far from you. And now when I take, and put them aside each other you see the ace is really still is big and massive and the queen is still smaller than others.
  • Chevrolet Camaro ZL - Attraction of Chicago Auto Show
    By: Forumposting
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    One of the stars astounds at without much prosper 2013 Chicago Auto Show was this undermining considering auto dependent upon the Chevrolet Camaro Zl1 muscle auto. Despite the way that checked the Turbo Camaro Coupe, the new consideration doesn't sneak top an extra turbo charged Camaro from Chevrolet however rather social occasions about the upcoming Turbo film. Despite its cool-sounding name, the new motion picture is around the degree of a snail--yes, a snail-kept tabs on speed, and this Camaro is doubtlessly instrumental in modifying over him into a racer. Its innovators claim the auto's supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 motor has been tuned to pass on more than 700 torque and is matched to an altered transmission. The stock vapor has additionally been supplanted with a raised stream setup that properties a couple of 5.0-crawl width tailpipes on either side of the vehicle. Various redesigns join a custom Copo hood, alterable suspension at both closes and 24-inch wheels measuring 10 inches transversely over at the front and 15 inches at the back. To oblige the monstrous flexible, the auto needed a custom wide-figure pack. The auto additionally characteristics a custom front splitter and raises diffuser, despite an enormous back wing.
  • Famous country singer Mindy McCready’s boy friend’s death
    By: mfte
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    Earlier this month death of Mindy’s boy friends death provoked many rumors around famous country star. Authorities still keep up the investigations but is not clear whether does he take his own life or probably murdered. Mindy accepted that they had argued at that night that he found dead but it doesn’t prove that she killed him and she is responsible over her boy friends death. She even denies the likely hood of her boy friends affair with other women. By saying we were each others life, he was my soul mate. What’s clear her life will never be the same as Mindy says her boy friend took his own life.
  • Tom & Jerry Robin Hood & His Merry Mouse  FULL
    By: Teach2
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    What's the story? King Richard the Lionhearted has been away from England for too long. His brother, Prince John, and the evil Sheriff of Nothingham amass gold and power at the expense of the common people of the kingdom. Enter Robin Hood (voiced by Jamie Bamber) and his Merry Men, accompanied by Jerry the Mouse, a mascot of sorts -- and the only member of the band small enough to carry messages to and from the lovely Maid Marian, their ally in the court. Robin's mission? To steal from the greedy villains, give to the poor, and make sure the beloved king returns safely. But John and the Sheriff have other plans -- Robin and his company of "outlaws" are in grave danger. Will they, aided by Tom, Jerry, and Marian, save the kingdom from the villains and restore Richard to his throne?