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  • The questioned fact about UFO
    By: Forumposting
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    Scientist more and more is coming to the conclusion that UFO is aliens but not necessarily those of a different planet. Some scientist believes that ‘Aliens’ may be demons or entities from a different dimension. With comparisons to some of the writings in ancient spiritual books, including the bible and entities from either heaven or hell were very similar to these UFOs. Some of these scientists have had experience with UFO abductors who have expressed that the call on the name of god has stop their alien abduction process, which was believed they could not be stopped once there had started. This phenomenon has caused a lot of these scientists to get baptized into Christianity. It is also believed that there is a cover up of UFO abduction, but in this belief is not a cover up of beings that visit us from a distant planet but entities from different dimensions.
  • Asking questions and getting answers
    By: majidnori
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    Why a lot of what President Barack Obama promised seems like a lie? It is said by activists that the president is just another puppet used by to the powers to be to continue misleading the people. Who are the powers to be? The powers to be are the secret society; these are the people pulling the strings of the presidents. How can you know for sure if all this conspiracy talk is a reality? Listen and pay attention to what leaders say, and analyze what you have heard then make your decision. There are a lot of question that cannot and will not be answered by our now leaders because even they don’t have the answers. Pray.