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  • What Is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?
    By: ARVC
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    Hot stone massage therapy is the application of hot stones to the body when you are giving a massage. Typically the stones are basalt stones, which are river rocks, and once you apply the lotion to those stones they turn a nice beautiful black ebony color. Typically the stones are heated in a hot stone warmer, which is somewhat like a crock pot, up to about one hundred and forty five degrees, the lowest temperature that they normally are is one hundred and thirty five degrees, and it depends on the area of the body that your placing the stones, how hot you want them. On the extremities you typically want the stones a little bit cooler than, lets say, on the back or the feet you can handle a little bit more heat. Also, interestingly enough, often times fair skinned people can handle a little less heat that people with a little darker skin, or Mediterranean skin. So it's definitely important to check in with your client and figure out how much heat they like. At the end of the day hot stone massages are a really nice relaxing way for deep tissue to be delivered into the muscles or even lighter pressure, that heat really helps you access those muscles much faster, and it's a lovely, relaxing, therapy.
  • study finds about Mediterranean diet
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    Findings of a study done on 7000 American people during a few years has shown that Mediterranean diet is very effective and useful for being and staying healthy and not gaining weight. This diet contains using food such as olive oil, nuts, fruit, vegetable, beans and fish at least 3 times a week. Nuts are filling so you won’t feel hungry if you have them many time s a day. Although this diet is somehow unusual, it’s more effective than taking lots of different drugs to get rid of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. People who were following the diet suffered from heart attack, brain stroke and diseases 30 % less than regular people.