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  • After Effects CS4
    By: Teach3
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    Wanna explore the power of most advanced and powerful animation software that is mainly aimed to design motion graphic and visuals.Do you want to discover the secrets how they make some beautiful visual effects in movies and modern advertisement.If you would like to earn some money online using your skills.After understanding this tutorial you would easily able to make great videos for freelance and personal use. In this tutorial you will find how to use Adobe after effects software? This tutorial covers each and every aspect of after effects from basic to advanced level.You will learn the professional standard for motion graphics,compositing,visual effects.You will discover the new features of after effects. cs4. It includes topics like After Effects fundamentals working with 3d working with text cartoon effect masking animation special effects and lot more. Lot's of subtopics are included to give you a brief and powerful knowledge of particular thing and a topic wise explanation would guide you to right path. At the end of the tutorial you find yourself as an aftereffect expert.
  • After Effects CS5.5
    By: Teach2
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    Like the Hollywood commercials? Maybe you want to create a great blockbuster movie? Perhaps you want to take that video you took to the next level? Adobe After Effects CS5.5 can help you achieve all of this and more. Have you found yourself wanting to be creative with video movies? Yes, you’ve seen that special effect on TV you’d like to do yourself. Good news: You don’t have to go to college to learn to be a video master. Everything you need is included in our great one-on-one personal tutorials. Over 60 tutorials that give you onscreen instruction. Play it as many times as you wish. Take it with you. Be the creative digital artist you’ve always wanted to be. Learn with us. And learn with Adobe After Effects tutorials, right here! Tutorials include: 1. What is After Effects? 2. Getting Started with After Effects 3. Learning to animate 4. Precomposing 5. Effects: patterns, blur, distortion, lens flare and more. 6. Video 7. Color-Correcting 8. Colorizing Black and White objects 9. Animating Text 10. Layers 11. Painting 12. Using Masks/Shape Layers 13. 3D: Shadows, Lights, cameras 14. Keying/Composition: Green screen 15. Animation 16. Tracking Motion 17. Using Expressions for animation 18. Audio 19. How to Render and Compress your video 20. Exporting: What formats to use. 21. More…