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  • Funniest cats

    Funniest cats

    By: Mark_P
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    Today is the day of cats and in this video we have collected one of the funniest cat videos on the web. This video includes some parts of cats vs mirrors, laser pointers, stairs, toaster, vacuum cleaner, lizards, dogs, milk, sleepy cat, playing with each other, eating, being in silly-looking positions, spider cats, cute kittens, cats squeezing in bowls, cat fail jumps, cat falls in aquarium and a lot of funny cat videos.
  • How to breed betta fish?
    By: alex_ferra
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    Hi, many people like animals but as you know keeping them as a pet is some time annoying, because they walk around and making noise. But in the animals, among bets there is a kind of pet which is very beautiful and will not make much noise and walk around to annoy you. It is Fish. Many people prefer t keep fish as a pet. If you have beta fish this is a video to show you and teach you keeping fish. So that if you have a betta fish or if you want and also if you want to learn something new about betta fish watch this video.
  • How to Design and Setup A Freshwater Aquarium
    By: Teach
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    You can design and setup your Aquarium easy y some steps: you need Tank , Filter, Heater, Lid, Light, Gravel lest start now ;) you need 10 or 15 pound of Gravel , and put in the bottom of your tank before add water. after that you need some decoration like: Rocks, Planet decoration. You can find more decoration in the pet store. now you have to add your decoration before add water. Add the Gravels and then put your decoration how do you like that! and after that need to add water, in order to do not destroyed Gravels and you design put the plate on the gravels and add water on under plate slowly. next you need cover the tank and put the door of the tank. Finally add your Filter and Heater to the tank . and now your freshwater aquarium is done ! Enjoy to watch your Fish ;)