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  • Vegtable Rice

    Vegtable Rice

    By: mahshid
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    Hello every one I made fried Vegetable Rice for many times but really I didn't have chance to post it. Here is the best opportunity to post my favorite dishes and share it with my dear friends:) the simple ingredients for this easy recipe are: 1) Rice 1 cup 2)vegetable broth or water 2 cups 3) salt to taste 4) oil 2 table spoon 5) Garlic & ginger 1 table spoon 6) carrot 1/2 cup 7) cabbage 1/2 cup 8) Green paper 1/2 cup 9)egg 10) soya sauce 1 table spoon 11) white vinegar 1 table spoon 12) Green onion 1 stalk Description: the first, cook 1 cup of the rice with 2 cups water, Once rice cooked, allow it to cool completely. After that, Mince ginger and garlic, chop onion if using or chop the spring onion white part and green part separately, slic cabbage and carrot Then, fried them in big pan step by step, the first onion+ garlic+ ginger, after 5 min add the carrot+ cabbage+ green paper to them. Now its time to adding spicy, such as salt, vinegar and soya sauce to all ingredients. if you like you can fried 1 egg beside your vegetable in the pan and mixed with them. I think rice is ready to mix well and gently with vegetable. Our vegetable fried rice is ready garnish with spring onion, have it hot/warm and enjoy of an Indian, Chinese dish...
  • How to make a model airplane with paper
    By: Teach
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    How to make a model airplane with paper As you know , we can make a lot of things by a piece of paper. Today I want to show you How can you make an airplane with a paper First of all , you have to get a piece of paper . It's better to be a A4 paper. Actually it's a F15 Jet fighter paper plane. Unfortunately this one doesn't fly... However , please watch the this free clip to find out how you can make an airplane with a piece of paper.
  • Chocolate mousse

    Chocolate mousse

    By: mahshid
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    My darling, I want to invite you to make super sexy chocolate mousse for Valentine's day
  • FaceFilter Studio
    By: CVT
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    Face filter is a powerful software in the field of adding and editing the modes, forms and face features in the images. For instance, we can change the mimic of nose, eyes , mouth and smile. In this program , you will be familiar precisely with various parts of the software and learn how to apply changes for different purposes In addition, the mimics of nose, eyes, mouth and smile will be changed. The instructions are really precise in a way that a learner can follow them on his/her own to apply. To begin, they can choose their favorite image and by using open, close, left, right and other icons and toolbars as well as rotating the image , favorite changes will be applied on the image. Not only the frame and form of the image can be modified or changed, but also the color level and its adjustments are really effective .Adjust color level is an icon that adjusts the lightness, brightness, darkness, contrast and saturation too . By smart color, color level is automatically adjusted. It is worth mentioning that these adjustments can be done by hand too. If you have taken a picture or a photo with red eye, do not worry, this error can be removed by the help of features of this program. Software adjusts the eye color in a way that look naturally. Click and drag play an important role in these applications and changes. The redness of the eye in images and photos can be easily removed and modified. By facial mask adjustment the defects in images can be wiped by using click and drag in the frames along with selecting the area in face and applying the relevant icons . To apply changes on face and its different parts, it is necessary to use the toolbar on the above menu of page, brush is a helpful tool for modifications because determining the size of the brush and color level are main tools for editing the face or changing the appearance. Another method which is used and is really applicable for professional people and photographers is using expression, by using this method, any mode such as anger, happiness, sadness and etc can be applied to our image even by clicking on muscle icon , small parts of the face can be edited too. Recently , with the existence of modern method many photographers change the old black and white images to colorful ones which are done by the help of this program, the manual fitting icon can determine the different spots on face and by signifying the opacity and brightness , favorite colors will be applied. The whole changes and modifications are easily saved and by pressing undo or redo the image can be returned to its first mode. This program consists of 9 lessons Lesson 1 : Software introduction Lesson 2 : Red eye reduction Lesson 3 : Face choice and its mask adjustment Lesson 4 : Facial mask modification Lesson 5 : Skin filters Lesson 6 : To use toolbox for applying the filter Lesson 7 : The eyes redness modification Lesson 8 : Using expression Lesson 9 :To convert black and white images to colorful images
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