How to change video contrast?

Lesson 18: Histogram In this lesson we introduce Histogram in camera RAW and you can learn more about it, such as: what is the Histogram and effects of tools to

How to change video contrast?


This video in the Software category will show you how to adjust levels to improve contrast in Photoshop. This video is presented by Nocole Young. Select Image -> Adjustments -> Levels. This is not going to add layers. It will actually apply the adjustments to the background layer. In the ‘channel’ window on the right side, you will be first working with RGB. This will adjust the contrast and brightness of the image. The slider on the bottom left of the ‘channel’ window will make the shadows darker. And the slider on the bottom right will affect highlight. The middle slider will brighten or darken the middle tones. Go ahead and make the adjustments to the image with the three sliders. Then you can toggle it on and off to see the effect of your adjustments. The video then goes on to demonstrate all the other features.

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