How to Convert videos to others format?

Lesson 40: Video Export Formats By watch this video you can learn Video Export Formats and features of that such as: General information about Format of the Vid

How to Convert videos to others format?


By watching this video you ca learn how to convert videos in different format and how photoshop work in this area. Photoshop CS6 able to convert format as below: 3G A file format developed for third-generation mobile devices. FLC An animation format for playback of computer-generated animations on workstations, Windows, and Mac OS. This format is also referred to as FLI. Flash Video (FLV) Adobe® Flash® Video is the Adobe format for streaming audio and video over the web and other networks. (To use this format, you must first install an FLV QuickTime encoder). QuickTime Movie The Apple Computer multimedia architecture that includes a number of codecs. (To export audio, you must use this format.) AVI Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is a standard format for audio and video data on Windows computers. DV Stream A video format with intraframe compression that uses FireWire interface to transfer video to nonlinear editing systems. Image Sequence A sequence of still images that can reside within one folder and use the same numeric or alphabetic filename pattern (such as Sequence1, Sequence2, Sequence3, and so forth). MPEG-4 A multimedia standard for delivering audio and video streams over a range of bandwidths. Note: Photoshop also supports other third-party formats such as Avid AVR codecs; however, the necessary QuickTime codecs must be installed.

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