Photoshop CS6

Lesson 22: Changing Brush Attributes In this lesson you learn more about Brush and learn more features such as: adjustment the size and brush panel option, key

Photoshop CS6


SATRT LERNING PHOTOSHOP CS6 NOW! Are you looking to learn Photoshop CS6 and learn the professional methods to edit your photos or design your project? This is the step-by-step video training by an accredited Photoshop expert. This tutorial video covering over 3 hours of content and each chapter is divided into three or more video to learn topics easily. You will quickly learn how to use Photoshop CS6 techniques with LETVC tutorial video and you are able work with Photoshop CS6. Keep it touch with LETVC.COM for further tutorials video! During 6 chapters you able to learn following lessons: (40 lessons) • Chapter 1: (11 lessons) User Interface, Setting Preferences, Workspace Presets, Navigation, Zooming, Layers Panel Filtering, Document Basics, Saving a Document, Saving Images for the Web, File formats, Transformations • Chapter 2: (4 lessons) Bridge part 1, Bridge part 2, Bridge part 3, Bridge part 4 • Chapter 3: (3 lessons) Camera RAW, Noise Reduction & Sharpening, Histogram • Chapter 4: (9 lessons) Crop Tool, Eraser Tool, Pen & Painting Tool, Changing Brush Attributes, Retouching Tools, HUD Color Picker, Refine Edge, Text, Image Interpolation • Chapter 5: (8 lessons) Adjustment Layers, Shadow Highlight Adjustment, Selective Color Replacement, PHOTOSHOP CS6 – BASICS, Touching Up Layer Mask with Brush Tool, Filters, Oil Paint Filter, Tilt-Shift Blur, Colorize • Chapter 6: (5 lessons) Video Basics, Publishing Video, Render Video Dialog, Quality-based Presets, Video Export Formats

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