What is affiliate program?

Program involves two participants or more that work in an automated marketing program to provide a certain level of benefit to each other. Affiliate programs are popular and powerful in Internet advertising nowadays. A web advertiser hires webmasters (affiliates) to promote banner advertisements or button leading to advertiser on their website.

Affiliate activities can be monitored based on the links generated by advertiser automatic system and affiliate will be rewarded based on the result.

What is LETVC affiliate program?

Affiliate program is a wonderful opportunity for users to co-operate with LETVC and earn money easily online. LETVC Affiliate Program is provided for online web masters, online publishers, online partners and anyone who can promote Letvc.com and its products. If you have a group of subscribers or followers anywhere in online social networks, blogs and forums you can earn money.

Review of how to work as an affiliate in LETVC:

You as an affiliate have to choose type of HopLink you want to promote.
Create the Hoplink and use it anywhere you want.
A customer clicks on your promoted HopLink in your platform, goes to the location driven by HopLink in LETVC, and ends up purchasing the product.
You as an affiliate earn your commission on purchased item.