FAQ :: Seller

Who is the seller in LETVC.com? Anyone who registers in LETVC.com can sell his/her tutorial/educational videos as a product. Sellers also can be a company who produce tutorial/educational videos.



Why should you choose LETVC to sell your products?


It’s free! It’s really easy to sign up in LETVC. You can quickly upload your video then add price, title and description then publish it. LETVC team will assist you in marketing and e commerce support. LETVC is hands-down the best e-commerce solution for affiliates, which ensure sale of your product. We guarantee and ensure your videos are safe with us and we strictly try our best to take care of copyright. Letvc.com as a Marketplace can Sell/Rent your product as well as it can be a platform for you to publish your product and do your own marketing.


You can upload your product once and sell it everywhere. You can share your video anywhere you want. We are always ready to help you at every step. We will handle SEO (Search Engine Optimization), payment procedure (PayPal) and all other supports. LETVC.com help you with marketing tools such as: embeddable previews, banners, links and affiliate program. You can sell your product and at the same time benefit from our affiliate program. Letvc.com team is always eager to learn therefore our system will improve continuously. There are thousands of customers looking for tutorial videos/audios in LETVC.com.


How much is LETVC commission rate per each sale?
LETVC commission rate  is 19%  on each product’s sale price.


How can I sell/rent my products? 
Selling/renting products are really easy in LETVC.com. You only need to register and then you will be able to upload your video in LETVC.com. 

You can add related information about your product publish it for sale/rent.


How can I define a package?
First of all create you your product then you can add more medias and make it all as a package ready to sell.


When and how can I withdraw from my LETVC Virtual Account?
First of all you must insert your PayPal account information into your LETVC Virtual Account and verify your account. After your LETVC virtual account is ready and LETVC Team has verified your account, you can withdraw money from your LETVC Virtual Account to your selected trading account (PayPal).


How long after selling a product I can withdraw the money? What if user claims to refund?

Buyer has 7 days to claim for refund therefore during these 7 days the money is not withdrawable by seller. In case buyer claims to refund LETVC team will consider the request and based on LETVC rules and regulations, request will be approved or rejected and money will be refunded or released to seller.


How can I set commission for affiliates in LETVC.com? When you are setting the price for sale/rental of your product in creating product page, you can simply add the commission rate (maximum 70%) that you are willing to pay to affiliates for promoting your product. LETVC system commission rate is 19% on each sale/rental of your product therefore your final withdrawable revenue is the remaining after deduction of LETVC system commission and the commission you have set for affiliates.


What are the selling condition and rules?
You are not allowed to upload any commercial and advertisement as a product in LETVC without prior permission. You are not allowed to upload a illegal, indecent, obscene, false, menacing, offensive and harassment contents. The video quality should be high and adequate (720p) and should have a good and clear sound quality.


When and how can I remove my packages from LETVC? You are allowed to remove your product anytime you want from LETVC. In case you have rented a package you have to unpublish the product till new buyer cannot attempt to buy/rent then wait till the rental period gets over and delete the package from LETVC.