FAQ :: General

What is LETVC.com?


LETVC stands for Learn, Earn, and Teach by Video clip. LETVC is a median in online training video packages. LETVC allows users to watch/download/buy/rent educational videos. Users in LETVC can find themselves as buyer, seller or affiliate. There are different categorizes in LETVC that will be updated with free and non-free educational videos daily. Users can sell their products in different topics or find what they want to learn and watch free or non-free products. Affiliates are webmasters, publishers or anyone who has an online target audience and they can partner with LETVC in promoting videos and get commissions on sale.




Why should you choose LETVC as a median? 
You can find variety of categories in LETVC. Users can have different roles and benefit from at the same time. A user who registers in LETVC can be a buyer and learn whatever he/she is professional at or become a seller and create educational videos and easy publish them in LETVC for sale. On the other hand user can be an affiliate and earn commission while he/she is teaching/learning and earn money on the sales that he/she promoted to target audience online. All this features are available while LETVC is supporting users in all aspects.



What are features of the LETVC.com?


As an affiliate you have a user friendly and powerful panel that can help you keep track of all promotional activities. Different kind of HopLinks has been provided while a powerful tracking system gives you the opportunity to track results of HopLinks strictly.


As a buyer a vast variety of free and non-free educational videos in different categories are ready to watch/download/buy/rent. You can rate products and give your feedback and let us and other customers know about the quality of videos. LETVC always supports you as a buyer in your purchases and is always ready to answer your requests and questions.


As a seller you will be supported by the marketing strategies that LETVC has planned including affiliates and SEO friendliness of the website as well as other marketing tools that help you sell your products easily, safe and fast.


What kind of payment transaction is used in LETVC.com?


After you register in LETVC, You have to set up your LETVC Virtual Account, which is working with a trading account (currently just PayPal). You will deposit money as credit inside your LETVC account and you can make purchases in website. In case you need to redeem your credit (withdraw), you can use a trading account (PayPal) to withdraw back the money you have in your LETVC Virtual Account.



What is the LETVC.com copyright law?

You are not allowed to upload any material (Free, Donatable ,for Sale and for Rent) that is copyrighted , protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third party property rights such as privacy and policy rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from their rightful owner to post the material and grant LETVC all of the license right granted herein; LETVC does not permit copyright infringing activities and intellectual property rights on its website.
If you believe that the content uploaded in LETVC.com is copyrighted and you are the copyright owner, you may submit a notification to LETVC. 



How can I rate the product and what is its effect in LETVC.com site?
There will be a rate bar besides each video. You can rate the video by rating the bar. This rating will help LETVC to take the necessary action.



Which users will be blocked and who is infringer in LETVC ?
An infringer is a user who attempt to upload an illegal, indecent, obscene, false, menacing, offensive harassment contents and in LETVC and do not obey copyright lows. In addition, those who exceeded the certain quantity of refunds will be recognized as an infringer, advertisers who advertise in obscene sites or make unreal advertisements will be considered as infringer and LETVC might take action.