FAQ :: Buyer

Who is the buyer in LETVC.com? 
Buyer is anyone eager to learn and login into letvc.com to buy or rent a educational video. 


Why should I use LETVC.com to buy a product? 
Variety of free and non-free educational videos will be added to letvc.com categories everyday to keep your skills up to date. You can learn anything you want in LETVC considering its large number of educational videos in different topics. Experts and professional educators are providing their high quality packages here in LETVC. Its really easy to find, select, buy/rent or download educational videos in LETVC. Aside from our non-free educational videos, users can enjoy learning our free educational packages, which will be added daily.



What is the benefit of having a LETVC Virtual Account? 
LETVC Virtual account helps you to make payments directly without any 3rd party involvement while its safe and faster. You can purchase with the credit you have in your own LETVC Virtual Account, Its good to know you can withdraw back your money from LETVC Virtual Account to your trading account.



How and when can I refund a product? 
 You have 7 days after purchase date to claim for refund. During these 7 days you can send your request with supporting reasons to LETVC team and after consideration you will be notified regarding the status of refund procedure.