1. Inserting video title and file

    First of all insert the title of product you are going to publish and then select the destination source of your video. You are allowed to select “Upload video File from Internet” and “Enter URL for Remote Play” if you wan to create a free product.

    You have to upload the video file from your computer to our website till you price it and publish it for sale. Select the “Upload Video File from your computer” or simply drag and drop your video file there.

  2. Product Categorizes

    You have to select the category of your educational/tutorial/training video. There several categorizes that you can select the most related one to your product.

    It is good to know that you can select more than one category by holding (Control) key or (Command) key in Mac.

  3. Product Description

    Here in this section you have to insert the description of your product. What your educational package is including and what are the characteristics of your produced tutorial.

    Descriptions of you product are consequential due to the fact it affect on visibility to customers who are looking for the product in search engines. Make sure you properly describe the characteristics of your product in this section.

  4. Product Tags

    Put yourself instead of someone who is searching online to learn about the topic of your product. Try to insert keywords that people would search in different search engines and LETVC search box to find your product.

    You can even use possible miss spelled words to help search engines show your product to target audience.

  5. Product Language

    Select the language of your produced video.

  6. Product Photo

    Insert the product photo and let buyers see your product with that picture. Inserted photo is basically the thumbnail you are inserting for your product. Everywhere in LETVC or other places, target audiences will see your product with that thumbnail.

    Make sure your selected thumbnail is relevant and appropriate. It is good to know that the name of your inserted thumbnail picture can also help your product to be found easier therefore make sure the name of inserted picture is related to the product title.

  7. Pricing your product

    Thick “Product is for sale” checkbox if you want to put your product for sale and then fill up the following prices and commission rates. In “Sale Price” and “Rental Price” fields insert the price of your product for sale and rental in USD. The price of your product should not be less than 2 USD.

    In case you want to rent your video for a period of time, you can enter the number of rentable days. Set the affiliate commission rate on sales and let affiliates promote your video and have commission on your sale. Finally insert the banner of your product and let LETVC and its affiliates promote your product using that in different platform for target audiences.


  • Product List

    You can see all published and unpublished products that you have created in this section. You can view, delete, update or publish your products easily by clicking on related buttons. In case you want to update a product, after going to update section you can edit the details you have inserted earlier.

  • Create Multimedia

    You can select several video files as a multimedia package and later attach it to your product.

  • Media List

    You can update or delete all medias you have inserted into the system.