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  • Minecraft Mod | The Ether
    By: ProdigyUndead
    Get this amazing Mod now!
  • AutoCAD - Chapter 6
    By: CVT
    Chapter 6 : The method of using commands Lesson 1 : To draw a quadrangle Lesson 2 : How to draw a polygon Lesson 3 : How to draw an ellipse Lesson 4 : Arrangement by hatching Autocad is a professional but user friendly program with a broad scope of information. This collection teaches step by step drawing geometric shapes and their measures very clearly. At first, this program focuses on simulation and modeling and you will see various methods and tools to work with. Ribbon is one of the most important icon which acts as a big box full of icons in its shelves. In addition to Ribbon, Palette is another brilliant part in interface. Palettes provide quick access to designing items, properties and commands. The lowest part in interface is called status bar which gives and displays information about the settings. By putting mouse indicator on each item, we can see their status from guide frame. To start a new program in Autocad , it is better to know how we can open a file. DWG suffix which is a short form of drawing. This drawing is used for introducing the file and saved sample. There are different commands such as panning, zooming and regen which are used a lot in precise mathematical calculation. Saving the documents can be done easily with the help of instructions in Autocad. Drawing shapes and lines are necessary and full application in autocad as well as using ortho and polar. They are used for determining angles like the angle 90 degrees . For drawing circles, you can activate grids and then by drawing the radius , in drawing these shapes , dimensions are very important. Units play some roles in measuring the architectural plans which are mostly inch and foot. Metric system can help for measuring units in autocad as well. You also see some features such as snap object to draw shapes. Before beginning, you ought to activate grid and dynamic input from status bar. There are automatic parts in object snap too. To draw a quadrangle, ellipse and polygon is another feature of autocad , like other shapes, you can use commands. Line command is really central in all drawings. Copy and move are other commands which are used in drawing geometric shapes. Omission and addition are the other methods in drawing geometric shapes, then offset can be really vital. Actually offset command is used for copying. The other commands are undo and redo which are used for returning the shapes in their first mode. Hatching is one feature which has been left from the age of pencil and paper. Adding hatch effects increase the attraction of image. Another feature is fillet feature , by using them , we can form the points and corners as curve. Layers can also be an important concept which are used in organizing drawings. Layer properties manager is the main icon for being activated and inactivated in creating and adjusting shapes and drawing. After creating shapes and drawing the page of autocad most of the times we need to add a text, this is done by guide text , text arrangement and text mode command , then the next stage is editing them. All the calculations which have been done and formed on the shape. To adjust the dimensions are also key instruction in autocad. Whenever we are going to copy a shape, converting it to a block is a good idea. Block means a collection of geometric shapes whose name is determined in the image. At the end, the feature of printing is also possible, by choosing favorite printer and giving commands to the program.
  • Photoshop CS6 - Chapter 6
    By: Teach
    Are you looking to learn Photoshop CS6 and learn the professional methods to edit your photos or design your project? This is the step-by-step video training by an accredited Photoshop expert. This tutorial video covering over 3 hours of content and each chapter is divided into three or more video to learn topics easily. You will quickly learn how to use Photoshop CS6 techniques with LETVC tutorial video and you are able work with Photoshop CS6. Keep it touch with LETVC.COM for further tutorials video! • Chapter 6: (5 lessons) Video Basics, Publishing Video, Render Video Dialog, Quality-based Presets, Video Export Formats
  • 3d Max Training

    3d Max Training

    By: banoyepir
    آموزش کامل 3d Max
  • Green Screen Basic Setup
    By: Domingo0022IWAY
    This tutorial will show you how to setup a green screen and lighting. The following steps will be covered: 1. Green Screen type 2. Lighting Setup and principle of three point lighting 3. Chroma Keying Software settings in your editor 4. Finished product results Thank you for watching!
  • Pink makeup tutorial with a pop of blue
    By: JiinxBeauty
    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this pink makeup tutorial! Just keep in mind that you don't need high end products in order to ble able to pull off an amazing makeup look. :)
  • How to draw eyes

    How to draw eyes

    By: GreenTaldarin
    Tutorial / how to digital painting A tutorial video about how to paint eyes in Photoshop this video is up for helping people get better with their art Done this using Photoshop CS6 and mainly general brushes Edited the video using Sony Vegas 11 and recorded with Camtasia for a HD quality of 1080 Thank you for watching and for the support, i hope you enjoy it and it helps you.
  • Jornal dos Games, Canais, BGS 2013! [NOTICIA]
    Agradecido por assistir! Se gostou, deixe um gostei e um favorito! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Intão galera oque acha dessa ideia de revolucionar e trazer esse jornal para o nosso mundo dos games, E termos um top canais destaque da semana? Topam? Periféricos e muito mais → Games Diversos → Que coisa cara → Formulário para seu canal sair em nosso top semana. (Envie Apenas Uma vez) → Inscreva-se para receber mais noticias sobre tudo o que está acontecendo no mundo dos games. Livestream toda quarta feira. Abraços do Hazooor nathan ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- Tags Extras: Hazor, Jornal, Xbox 360, PC, PS3, PSP, Gameplay, Gameplays, Plays, Gamer, Games, Game, Jogo, Jogos, Análises, Análise, Detonado, Detonados, Série, Séries, BR, Brasil, Brazil, PT-BR ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- Música : Rypejakten 2013 K 391 feat Ine Julia é licenciado sob uma Licença Creative Commons Atribuição- Sem Derivados 3.0 Não Adaptada. Categoria Jogos Licença Licença padrão do YouTube
  • Leopard and Zebra nail design
    By: JiinxBeauty
    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this white and blue / Leopard and Zebra nail design! Please note that the reason why I always say "turqoise nail polish" in this video is because the polish was actually turqoise, but my camera has poor video quality and after I finished editing this video it looks rather light blue than turqoise... Song used: SONG: Massad - Tear My Heart Out Buy here:
  • FaceFilter Studio
    By: CVT
    Face filter is a powerful software in the field of adding and editing the modes, forms and face features in the images. For instance, we can change the mimic of nose, eyes , mouth and smile. In this program , you will be familiar precisely with various parts of the software and learn how to apply changes for different purposes In addition, the mimics of nose, eyes, mouth and smile will be changed. The instructions are really precise in a way that a learner can follow them on his/her own to apply. To begin, they can choose their favorite image and by using open, close, left, right and other icons and toolbars as well as rotating the image , favorite changes will be applied on the image. Not only the frame and form of the image can be modified or changed, but also the color level and its adjustments are really effective .Adjust color level is an icon that adjusts the lightness, brightness, darkness, contrast and saturation too . By smart color, color level is automatically adjusted. It is worth mentioning that these adjustments can be done by hand too. If you have taken a picture or a photo with red eye, do not worry, this error can be removed by the help of features of this program. Software adjusts the eye color in a way that look naturally. Click and drag play an important role in these applications and changes. The redness of the eye in images and photos can be easily removed and modified. By facial mask adjustment the defects in images can be wiped by using click and drag in the frames along with selecting the area in face and applying the relevant icons . To apply changes on face and its different parts, it is necessary to use the toolbar on the above menu of page, brush is a helpful tool for modifications because determining the size of the brush and color level are main tools for editing the face or changing the appearance. Another method which is used and is really applicable for professional people and photographers is using expression, by using this method, any mode such as anger, happiness, sadness and etc can be applied to our image even by clicking on muscle icon , small parts of the face can be edited too. Recently , with the existence of modern method many photographers change the old black and white images to colorful ones which are done by the help of this program, the manual fitting icon can determine the different spots on face and by signifying the opacity and brightness , favorite colors will be applied. The whole changes and modifications are easily saved and by pressing undo or redo the image can be returned to its first mode. This program consists of 9 lessons Lesson 1 : Software introduction Lesson 2 : Red eye reduction Lesson 3 : Face choice and its mask adjustment Lesson 4 : Facial mask modification Lesson 5 : Skin filters Lesson 6 : To use toolbox for applying the filter Lesson 7 : The eyes redness modification Lesson 8 : Using expression Lesson 9 :To convert black and white images to colorful images
  • Digital painting - blade chick
    By: GreenTaldarin
    Digital painting a character concept i did, i call this piece ,,blade chick'', a weird name but its the best i could of think about at the moment :) Done this using Photoshop CS6 and mainly general brushes Edited the video using Sony Vegas 11 and recorded with Camtasia for a HD quality of 1080 Thank you for watching and for the support, i hope you enjoy it and it helps you.
  • banana


    By: farzad24
  • Elegant white and blue nail tutorial
    By: JiinxBeauty
    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this nail design, even though it didn't turn out as fancy as I would have wanted it to.
  • Card Flourishes - "Radiance"
    By: Medet
    My new cardistry-video with some of my own flourishes Enjoy)
  • 3Ds Max - Chapter 1
    By: Teach
    Getting start: 1. Interface 2. Customize the interface 3. Creating and modifying an object 4. Navigating the viewports 5. Right Click tasks 6. Transforming objects 7. Activating Snaps 8. Duplicate objects: Copy, Instance, Reference 9. Pivot point and Hierarchy 10. Array